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Claude Eksteen
Claude Eksteen

We stumbled onto Ozone Therapy whilst searching for 'an edge' that could aid and benefit our athletic performance in terms of recovery and overall performance. As we read up more and eventually met and chatted with Cliff from ONE Mind. Body. Soul, we very quickly realized that it can, not only be a benefit to us on the athletic field, but more so as an aid to a healthier way of life. 

We can without a doubt say that Ozone Therapy in conjunction with the Electro Therapy has helped us recover faster by flushing out waste in our bodies from the intense training and allowing us to not feel so fatigued and drained.

By having a  better recovery, we are able to go into our next training session feeling stronger and fresher, enabling us to put more effort into our session, therefore getting a far greater return in performance. 


~ Claude Eksteen

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